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Cyber Lemur Free Download

Cyber Lemur is a challenging 2D couch-multiplayer game with a variety of game modes including race, jump, and battle. The controls are difficult to master, but can be made easier by having two players control the same character. The game is great for parties, or those who love a challenge.

Game Details

Title: Cyber Lemur
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: NatureSim Games
Publisher: NatureSim Games
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2021

About This Game

Have you every dreamed of maneuvering an intricate mechanical beast across daunting obstacles? Or fighting other mechs in hand-to-hand combat? If so, this may be the game for you! Cyber Lemur will teach you to re-wire your brain to the challenging mech controls, and become one with the mech. You will then use your new-found aptitude to compete in races or time trials, make record-breaking jumps, or vanquish your foes with the sheer power of physics.


Cyber Lemur is set in a dystopian future where humans are extinct and lemurs have emerged as the dominant species. After millennia of evolution, lemurs have become increasingly intelligent and developed advanced cybernetic technologies. This has allowed them to expand beyond the desolate landscape of earth, and to begin colonizing the moon. But if you are to survive this harsh life on the frontier, you must first prove yourself to be a skilled mech pilot.


Cyber Lemur falls in the "Intentionally Awkward Controls" category, with the twist of cooperative character control. The game is designed to help the user to gradually improve their character control through a variety of level designs. In addition to being a challenging single-player experience, Cyber Lemur can also be a great party game. Hilarity often ensues as players are challenged to work as a team to control their character and defeat the other players. The game has a variety of game modes and multiplayer settings including:

– Co-op race

– PVP Race

– Team Race

– Battle

– Team Battle

– Long Jump

– Time Trial

An Xbox 360 or Xbox One style controller is recommended for the best player experience, although it is possible to use a keyboard. Steam controllers are currently not supported.

System Requirements


Windows 7 or greater
Version 11
800 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller(s) Recommended


Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download
Cyber Lemur Free Download

Video Tutorial – Cyber Lemur Free Download

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Instructions for Cyber Lemur Free Download

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Cyber Lemur Free Download

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Additional Informations about Cyber Lemur Free Download

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