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Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

15-year-old Avani is tricked into starting an anti-science mob to pay off her mother’s medical debts. Use classic turn-based tactics to convince the town to join your cause. It’s silly. It’s sad. It’s scary. It’s the Anti-Science Brigade. 50% of profits go to National Center for Science Education.

Game Details

Title: Anti-Science Brigade
Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: Terrible Human Games
Publisher: Terrible Human Games
Release Date: 6 Sep, 2021

About This Game

Avani has a chance to save her mother’s life if she can convince an entire town that science is fake. Play as Avani, debating everyone you can find in turn-based battles to persuade them to follow you. You will be debating alone, but those that accompany you will follow you to the ends of the earth.


Equip yourself in the best gear to fight (debate) in classic turn based encounters. Each battle will improve your knowledge and debate tactics. Level up to discover new skills. The more followers you acquire the more areas you will be able to explore.


Instead of axes and fireballs, you will be using debate tactics and tricks like Unverified Claim, Strawman Argument, Conspiracy Video, Loaded Question, or Misinformation Meme. Beware though, your opponents will have defensive techniques of their own, like Scholarly Article, Peer Reviewed Journal, Fact Check, Critical Thinking, or Check Sources. Don’t worry, though, just Deflect to block and gain back your health!


Discover an emotional story that is at times as sad as it is ridiculous. Witness how the love of family can motivate someone to do just about anything. See firsthand how deep doubt, fear, or arrogance can cut even the smartest of us.


Explore the land of Gaia, from your snow covered home to the beach city of Tierra, to the desert oasis that is Althea, to the forest town of Sena.



To prevent this dystopia from actually happening, 50% of profits will go towards the National Center for Science Education. "Profit" is defined as: whatever Steam sends us, half will go to the NCSE, then the other half will be used to pay for development and marketing costs.


Potential future updates include: additional language support and new areas to explore.

System Requirements


Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
Intel Core2 Duo
DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
Version 9.0
1 GB available space


Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download
Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

Video Tutorial – Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

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Instructions for Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

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Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

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Additional Informations about Anti-Science Brigade Free Download

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